Career Guidance and Support

As the workplace changes and evolve, it’s more crucial than ever to find fulfilling jobs that support their well-being and health. If you’re a college student struggling to pick the right major or who is looking to make a career change, having appropriate resources and support can help.

Many people struggle with identifying their talents and interests or even how to make use of them in a profession or job that is suitable for them. A lack of professional guidance and support can lead to high levels stress depression, anxiety, and burnout among workers.

For this reason, it’s critical that career counselors provide effective career interventions to individuals who help them navigate their career journey. These strategies will assist them to overcome the obstacles they face, develop an accurate picture of their future and achieve their goals.

A major aspect of this is to ensure that the career guidance services they offer are based on labour market information, and assist individuals in their ability to effectively research information, analyze and evaluate the available opportunities for learning and work so that they can make informed career choices. This can be accomplished by using validated motivational and goal-achieving instruments that are based on scientific research. It is also possible to achieve this through partnerships with a range of stakeholders, including learning providers, careers services, public employment services, or “one-stop-shops”. In addition, it can be achieved through the development of effective career management policies and practices.

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