Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your Board Reports

The report of your board will keep your board members informed of all the important happenings that occurred since the last board meeting. A well-written and concise board report will enhance the performance of your organization and help you deliver the highest quality outcomes to your customers.

Many companies struggle to craft a board report that is loved by their members. A poorly written report for the board can result in poor decision-making, confusion, or a lack of clarity about the direction your organization takes. Avoid these common mistakes to ensure your board reports are efficient and efficient.

A well-written executive summary is an essential component of your report to the board. It provides your board with the information and context for every slide you present in your report which makes it easier for them to understand and absorb the data you’re giving them.

Don’t present only positive news: Only presenting positive news in your board reports misleads company website about ibabs board portal review the board and can influence their decision-making significantly. A good board report is open and reflects both successes and failures to provide a comprehensive and balanced analysis.

Failure to include committee reports Including the status of all committees in your report will allow your board members to keep up-to-date with the latest developments and any issues that could be emerging.

Inadvertently using visuals Your board members are more likely to read and interact with your board report if it has tables, infographics, or pictures. Visual information is processed more efficiently by the brain than text on its own. Incorporate some form of visualisation in your board reports.

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