Interdisciplinary Science and Business

The scientific method has led to some of the most significant technological innovations in the history of the world, and businesses that are embracing science typically have a significant competitive advantage. It’s important to keep in mind that science isn’t just about inventions. It’s about understanding the world and the way people use products or services.

While scientists are typically absorbed in their work and focused on expanding the boundaries of knowledge, it takes an entrepreneur to translate that discovery into an item or service that will benefit society. This requires a new set of skills that include skeptical thinking, and a practical approach. While science is often driven by curiosity, intuition, and prior knowledge Skepticism, as well as techniques like internal and external peer reviews, random controlled trials, and so on are vital to stop blind optimism.

It’s not just about making money It’s also about making decisions that will benefit employees, customers and shareholders in the long term. The task is to design a framework that supports the growth of both sides and recognizes the interconnectedness of both.

A degree in Interdisciplinary Science and Business offers the chance to develop an integrated framework for the two areas of expertise to ensure that you are well-prepared for success in any field that is business-related. The program is offered jointly by Penn State Behrend School of Science and Black School of Business. It is one of the few business science programs for students in the nation. The degree lets you customize your plans by choosing specific courses that meet your needs from either the science or business side of the equation.

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