Why You Need a Board Room

A board room is an area that allows your team to meet and discuss issues that can affect the success of your company. It is a space where decisions are made and it is important that it is well-appointed and professionally designed.

According to the findings of a Gensler research report Knowledge workers spend just 34 percent of their time performing individual work. The rest of their time is spent in meeting spaces. These meetings include department/team meetings and project meetings, all-hands meetings and one-on-ones. These meetings are crucial for collaboration and decision-making. While a boardroom is the ideal location for larger gatherings, smaller meetings can take place anywhere in your office. In most instances, all you require for a team gathering is two conference tables and chairs.

So your boardroom needs to be flexible and have plenty of seating configurations to ensure the best meeting outcomes. The seating arrangement you select should be determined by the topic of discussion and the audience. For example, using a theatre layout can convey the sense of gravitas and make the audience feel more connected to the content. In contrast, a classroom layout could be used to instruct and educate viewers.

Another aspect to consider is your AV requirements. A modern boardroom should be equipped with video conferencing technology to facilitate face-toface meetings, as well as digital whiteboards and display screens. LED video walls are a popular option because they are smaller and portable than traditional projectors and monitors, and have the same image quality.

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